Greek Lexica for Students and Readers

This page is intended as a repository of dictionaries for readers of Ancient Greek Texts. The idea is that your reading of a text will be a much better experience the least time you need to look up for the words on the dictionary, but you need to use the dictionary! Currently this is only a test. In time, it will develop into a place where students and readers will be able to download (and upload, too) lexica tailored for their readings of the Greek classics. To test the idea and the design, here you can download the lexicon for the first book of the Iliad. Lexica come in two flavours: extended and short (see description below), and each flavour has two versions, pdf or epub.

This page is a work on progress by the

Please note that, as of now, the lexica contains many mistakes. Some of them come from mishaps in the digital transcription of the texts, or errata in lemmatization, and some of them are my own.

The texts and lemmatizations, come from the Perseus Project, often from its development under Logeion.

The definitions come from the digital versions of the following lexica and glossaries. The order in which the words are looked upon on the lexica is different for the "short" and the "student's" versions.

Thanks to Antonio, Silvia, and all the people who wrote me with suggestions to improve the site & the lexica (if you didn't receive an answer yet please accept my apologies: I'll write back).