Aristarchus Treebank of Ancient Greek literary authors

This is a very preliminary version of a repository of treebanks of Ancient Greek literary authors. The treebank format is based on the Perseus Treebank.)

The main differences are as follows:

(1) This is a "stratified" dependency bank, i.e., you can reconstruct the immediate constituents (using @strat)

(2) Punctuation is annotated as a attribute of the word the punctuation mark is attached to (@punct)

(3) The PP is considered a exocentric phrase (as Bloomfield did). S,, pte preposition depends on its substantive (the substantive is the heac of the SP. In the same way, a verb is the head of a VP and the relative and the conjunction depends on it.

(4) The contid attribute is used to mark correference. Wait a couple of weeks to see hoh it works.

(5) The value of the lemmaprev attribute is the word (usually a verb) with the preverb(s) differentiated from the lemma with a "-".

(6) tSint attribute indicates the kind of phrase (PP, SP, AdvP, etc.) of the phrase.


(1) Don't worry about the codari attribute: is an internal code of the syntactic function that will disappear in the definitive version

(2) The refereces of elliptical elements are not marked yet.

This repository will contain treebanks for literary texts as welll as literary and subliterary papyri. The repertoire of attributes for the papyri is longer. Quite longer.

You can see a preliminary version of 50 sentences here

Please, send your comments and ideas to Daniel!

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